Athletes & Officials


The Organising Committee will offer an easy and comfortable experience to all participants during their stay in Aveiro for the EUC.


We will provide 2 accommodation units, Santiago Students Residences and Crasto Students Residences, to ensure a pleasant stay for all participants and a level of involvement with the university. Participants will be placed in double rooms, with private bathroom. Free Wi-Fi internet access is guaranteed.


All rooms will be cleaned twice a week and all guests can request fresh towels at reception.


The OC will provide a paid laundry service with scheduled pick-up and delivery.


All accommodations are fully secured. Only residents with valid accreditation cards will have access to the buildings.


In case of need of medical assistance, someone should contact the OC.


Laundry Services


The laundry rooms are located at the ‘’Casa do Estudante", Students Union building in Crasto.


All laundry rooms will follow these schedules:

Morning: 10:00 to 12:00 (pick-up & drop-off)
Night: 19:00 to 21:00 (drop-off)

Team’s Complete Uniform: 30€

Piece of Clothing: 1€

(Last Update: 23:27, 22/07)

The OC assures this service, and it includes the washing and drying of the team’s sportswear. We will only accept t-shirts and shorts. The maximum amount per wash is one of each item per team member. We will not launder any underwear or outdoor clothes.


When delivering the equipment, the head of delegation will have to sign the record sheet that contains the number of pieces left in the laundry. At the time of collection, we request that it be the same person who signed for the delivery.


Payment is made upon delivery, and we only accept cash or card. Contactless payment is not available. Washing and drying each piece of clothing costs €1 (note that each pair of socks corresponds to a piece of clothing). There is an option to bundle the laundry of all the team’s complete uniform, available for 30€.

If needed, contact the following managers: Gilson Moreira (+351) 925 655 996.